Week One

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Last night was my first night of derby training with the Adelaide Roller Derby League. Everyone was required to rock up wearing a white T-shirt with their (real) name on the back. I got a bit excited about the iron on letters and ended up making some custom derby shorts too – you know, just in case there are bonus points for enthusiasm.

Custom Made Derby Shorts

About a hundred wannabes showed up. I knew two of them – Michelle and Erica – and was grateful to see friendly faces there. This year the league is taking between five and 25 new recruits. So only the top 5-25% will be making it in. We started with some general skating. Then we moved on to weaving around cones without lifting a leg and stepping (which is simply stepping forwards, backwards and sideways in skates). I was pretty sucky at both of those exercises. Then we did some stopping, which I had no problem with. After that we did some skating technique work followed by some endurance drills. To pass the test in two weeks I need to be able to do five laps of the derby track in one minute and then do 25 laps in five minutes. Last night I did five laps in one minute but then only 24 laps in the five minutes. Overall I’d say I’m in about the top 30%. I’m really not big enough to get in as a blocker so if I want to prove I’m worth taking on as a jammer then I need to get up to about 30 laps in five minutes, I’d say. I will be working hard this week on going faster, weaving and stepping.

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