Week Two of Adelaide Roller Derby Tryouts

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Last night my roller derby idol, Barrelhouse Bessy, rocked up to help coach us ‘raw meats’. She gave me advice on how to improve my weaving and I was so excited. My excitement dissipated, however, when my mate Michelle told me that Bessy had told her that she was doing well. Not that I wasn’t happy for Michelle but insecurity due to next week’s looming test kicked in and I desperately wished that I had received a reassuring comment instead.

Barrelhouse Bessy in Action

 Next we worked on stops. They’re fairly similar to ice skating so I feel pretty comfortable doing them but again I received constructive criticism. Now, I know this is a good thing and that no one is perfect, especially when they start out but I guess I just wanted someone to say “wow, you’re awesome and are going to smash the test next week”.

After that we moved onto crossovers – where you cross one leg in front of the other to go around a corner. It’s quite different to ice skating as you have to get your knee pads around each other. Also, derby stance is all down and dirty, which is quite a contrast from the prissy ice skating posture I’m used to. Here, finally someone was impressed with my form. I rode high on that compliment all the way through the rest of the training session.

We finished the night with a go at our time trials. Next week we’ll have to skate 25 laps in five minutes and five laps in one minute. Failure to do so will mean the roller derby journey is over. Last night I achieved both the 25 lap and five lap quotas.

Six more nervous days and then I’ll know if I’m going through to the ‘fresh meat’ stage or if I’m out for this year!

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