Adelaide Roller Derby Raw Meat Test!

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Tonight’s the night!

Michelle, Erica and I spent Saturday morning cramming for the skate skills test. Luckily for us, one of Michelle’s super powers is making friends with everyone she meets and she just happens to be on mobile-phone-number-exchange-basis with the figure roller skating coach at the Parks. She managed to get us exclusive access for half an hour. This meant that we were able to train on the very track that we will be tested on tonight.

Michelle gives it a bit of derby attitude on her way round

All three of us were most interested in giving the time trial a go. It’s amazing how hard it is to count laps while you’re actually doing them. I’d reach the starting line with a number in my mind but couldn’t remember if that was the lap I was completing or about to start. I’m fairly certain I reached 25 and a half laps each time. Erica and I stayed opposite each other going around the track so we must be equal. Michelle lapped me twice so she absolutely smashed the minimum requirement.

The source of Michelle's power?

After that we gave weaving, wide slaloms etc a go and also just relaxed and had a bit of fun with it.

Erica and I battle it out

So - I won, right!?

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