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For the couple of months before derby try outs I had been planning on getting a fringe cut. Then my mate pointed out that if I got it done after Raw Meat started that it would look like I had cut it to look more like a derby girl. So, in the weekend before derby training started I booked in and went to have the chop.

I rocked up at the hairdressers with three pages of photos. I have had bad luck with hairdressers in the past and wanted to be really clear on what I wanted to avoid any problems. I had photos of how I wear my hair, photos of celebrities with cowlicks who have fringes and a photo of a fringe I really didn’t want.

The reception chick asked me if I was having a colour or foils – I told her I wanted foils. Then she asked me to wait for a while and then introduced me to Renee who would be doing my cut and colour. Renee was not especially interested in my prepared material. She looked over it quickly and then asked me what colour I wanted. I said she could choose between red red or orange red, the same lightness as the ends. She said a darker colour would be better. I said I had just been blonde and liked my red/orange hodge podge. She said she would do it the next shade darker of red. I relented, after all it’s just a bunch of foils and I can go over it lighter again later if I want.

Then she began and I soon realised that somewhere along the line she had been told (or had just decided) that I was having an all over cover. I watched in silent horror as she put a suspiciously dark colour over nearly all my hair. Thankfully she listened to me when I said I didn’t want a block colour and she left some bits undyed.

Anyway, I was fairly stressed for the next 2 hours.

She never ended up going back to my prepared paper and just grabbed the front of my hair and chopped it off. I was sweating while I waited for her to finish so I could check it out in the mirror. When I could finally see it I was ok with it. The general jist was ok and I was looking forward to her styling it. But she never did. Apparently it was already styled! I asked her about the longer side bits, “maybe we could just put them in line with the rest of the fringe..?” she gave me a firm no. “ah, ok – maybe we could make this main part a bit less straight across then, a bit choppier..?” at which point she responded, and I kid you not, “I have done what I have for a reason”. At this point I gave up, said I’d try and get used to it and maybe come back to get those changes done later.

Naturally I went straight home and burst into tears.

This is what I looked like:

Please note the sideburns!

Which to me looked just like this:

On Sunday I tried to get hair extensions to get rid of the ugly sideburns she gave me but apparently it can’t be done, I just have to grow it out.

However, I did wash it (three times – trying to fade the colour!) and blow dry it myself and was happier with the way I did it:


(a bit of extra eye makeup helps too!)

And I’d say that’s my brief foray into the world of fringes. Stay tuned for more whinging as I try and grow the bugger out!


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