This Fresh Meat has been Tenderised!

Posted on November 9, 2010 by


It hurts to go to the loo. My thighs each have a collection of green and brown bruises that sit right where the toilet seat presses. It might have something to do with the fact that I spent a good ten minutes on Monday night hip checking a brick wall. That was after devoting ten minutes to shoulder checking the wall, though somehow my shoulders escaped unbruised.

The most uncomfortable activity of the night, however, was booty blocking. At first I was like “you want me to stick my butt out and try and back into her like some kind of violent spooning!?” I have been known to growl under my breath about people breaching my ‘bubble’ but once I got beyond the personal space invasion it was quite fun. By the time we partnered up and chucked shoulder check after shoulder check at each other I was having a ball.

The most fun activity of the night, though, was an exercise designed to test our ability to manoeuvre around sudden obstacles. For that realistic touch, Mouldies (chicks already in the league) volunteered to throw themselves in our path and trust us to go around rather than over them. Letta Loose was the craziest of the bunch; she kept coming flying out of nowhere and throwing herself hard to the ground in front of us.

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