Hi Ho the Dario, One More Week to Go!

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Well the countdown is truly on! Next Monday is test day. Next Monday we’re either in or not. It’s not just a matter of passing the test. Most girls in Fresh Meat have got the skills to pass the test. That doesn’t change that there are only a finite number of positions left. At the beginning of all this we were told the league would be taking between five and 25 newbies – it all depends on how many chicks decide to retire this year. Nothing official has been said since then but rumours circulating last week said the number is currently sitting at just seven.

So, of the 45 (give or take) girls left, 38 are possibly going to be turned away come next Monday. The next opportunity to get into the league won’t be until October 2011. I once commented that this could be the shortest blog ever. If I don’t make it in next Monday we might just see the opposite! Because I’m not giving up. I’ve got a taste for it now and I’ll keep trying until I make it in.

But I should be more positive! In fact, I’ve been trying to schedule positive thinking in along with all the actual training. I don’t really know what I’m doing but I’ve just been devoting a small amount of time each day to visualising myself doing an awesome hip check or giving a killer whip.

Also, I have a new mantra courtesy of my derby idol Barrelhouse Bessy. Last night there was 30 minutes at the end of the training session where the Mouldies broke off into stations and us Freshies were free to move around getting help on whatever element we felt we needed. There was a stops station, where I dropped in briefly to do some ridiculously fun baseball slides. There was a whipping station where I got some much needed advice on how to give a stronger whip. There was a blocking station where I improved slightly on hip checks (this is something I will be practicing lots this week!). Barrelhouse Bessy was on the pack work station. She’s an absurdly peppy person. She was running our pack around the track getting us to lean on each other, clip wheels, speed up, slow down etc. The whole time she was excitedly yelling “safe yet determined.” Then she was yelling “safe yet…” and getting us to yell out the “determined!” part. Bessy is American and the whole thing felt quite American (think Tom Cruise and “show me the money”), which is fitting really for a sport that was born in the US.

So, this week I’m going to rely on “safe yet determined” (with a little emphasis on determined) to get me through 🙂

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