What Next?

Posted on December 3, 2010 by


Democracy has spoken – the blog will prevail!

One of my gorgeous ice skating friends inspired me with this feedback “I support you in your quest for roller derby domination” (thanks KT). This time around I was looking to pass. Come 2011 I will be looking to dominate.

But in the meantime I really just want to do like Cyndi Lauper and have some fun. To that end Michelle, Erica and I came up with 10 goals for the next 10 months (cute, hey). They are:

  1.  Be able to jump over each other. Yes, this will be filmed and posted for your viewing pleasure.
  2. Skate the City to Bay.
  3. Perfect all the whips we know and find more on the internet to learn.
  4. Achieve 30 laps in 5 minutes (this year we were told we needed 25 in 5 minutes and then only actually needed 22).
  5. Learn to do fancy stops like Pixie Pincher does.
  6. Master the River Torrens running track, hills and all!
  7. Develop our own derby fitness training dvd (including cool outfits).
  8. Learn a few figure skating jumps – so we can be derby babes with flair.
  9. Become confident enough to use skating as a means of transportation around the streets.
  10. Organise a roller disco with a 70s theme.

To that end, this Sunday (weather permitting) we will be heading out to the Torrens to try and tick number 6 off.

Do you have any suggestions for other goals? Feel free to add them in the comments 🙂