Time to Share the Derby Love?

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There are many things that attracted me to roller derby; the skating part, obviously, but also the racing aspect and the strategy involved. I was excited by the prospect of a sport for girls that involved tackling. And the outfits are adorable. But one aspect that really appealed to me is that it’s a team sport. I used to do synchronised ice skating and I loved the feeling of sharing the competition journey – the 4am wake ups to get to training, the excitement when an intersection worked just right and that knowledge that only those of us going through it all were the ones who really got it.

That's me, second from the right. Yes, I'm bloody well blinking - I cant help it!

Christmas Show 2008 - I'm in the middle, kind of blinking again - it's a thing

While I love skating (both ice and roller) in its own right, there’s something about sharing that experience that makes it even better. Multiple that by the excitement of a competition and it’s a connection that’s hard to top.

As you know, I didn’t make it through fresh meat for 2010 and the disappointment was heartbreaking. But post-rejection, I’ve realised that I’ve managed to get half of what I wanted anyway. For one, I’ve started collecting derby inspired items of clothing and this weekend my new, thigh high, black and white check socks will be making their debut. The real bonus, though, is the mini team Erica, Michelle and I have formed. We’ve got our goals and our training schedule. We also know that while we have people that support us that we’re the only ones who can empathise with the burning desire – compulsion even – to keep going until we make it into the league.

Michelle has even shared in this blog, authoring the entry for International OSD Awareness Day. That entry was so popular it ended up helping someone with their academic studies. I’m thinking it might be time to formalise the arrangement, share the derby love and make Michelle an official co-contributor to the blog. But I’m interested to hear how you feel about it – so here’s another poll. So please vote on whether or not this blog becomes the Diary of a Derby Wannabes

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