The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Me Wailing

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I want to let you know right now that this blog doesn’t answer itself. So, if like me you prefer your media to set up an issue, get you interested and then resolve the damn thing then you might like to abort reading. I should also tell you, though, that if you quit now you’ll miss out on the amusing videos that go with this entry.

A while ago I had a bit of an ask around to suss out what people like about the blog and what they’d like to see more of. Long time reader and occasional commenter, Paul, asked for more photos of me falling over. Obviously our friendship is based on me providing slightly humiliating aspects of myself for him to laugh at. But, hey, that works for me and I figure videos of me flailing and carrying on are even better than post-fall photos.

So here’s a bit of a video diary of my latest skating dilemma. The issue is stopping. Indoors this isn’t a problem. The surface is flat and smooth and there are a variety of stopping options. Outdoors, with twigs and hills, I’m having some difficulty. One of the easiest and safest ways to stop is to do a knee slide. However, rough outdoor surfaces hack bits of your skates off and after only four or so slides the other day I went right through my shoelace and it snapped off!

So Erica and I devised another way of slowing down on hill descents. The thing is it’s ridiculous and would mean at least half an hour down each hill. Take a look:

The alternative is to harden up and just go for it. But that often ends like this:

So that’s my dilemma. I hope the videos entertained you as there is no neatly tied up resolution this time. Maybe a more experienced outdoor skater will leave me some helpful feedback in the comments section…

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