New Bloggers OSD and 5 Reasons Why

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Skating is just awesome! in the true sense of the word, when getting on a long stretch of track. that desire to just glide on forever into the distance.

Feeling of Freedom


that rush you get when plowing down a hill, just hoping you make it to the bottom of the in one piece.



We already get strange looks thrown our way as we skate along our well populated routes in our full padding and helmet getup. So i figure there’s no point in doing something half heartedly; may as well go the whole damn way and sport an outfit that’s usually that little bit too eccentric for everyday attire.

Black and White Stripe


that ‘buckled over, can’t breath’ kind; falling over has never been so much fun!


The Joys


Formed through a love of skating we share all the ups and downs both on and off track.

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