Bundy the Derby Dog (aka Bunderby)!

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Given he’s been on this journey since the beginning I thought it was time to formally introduce the fourth member of our little pack.  Generally he goes by the name Bundy but I thought, given he was an Animal Welfare League pup with a less than favourable start on the planet, he should be given a respectable name to continue the rest of his life. 

So I’d like you to meet Mr Bundaberg Morrison, my 5 year old kelpie x (dingo?!).  He’s the one thing I love more than skating and I’m lucky I don’t have to choose between them – I can have both!

Welfare Pup!

By proxy he ticks all the genetic mutation boxes and has therefore been granted status as a derby dog – aka “Bunderby”!

Post Skate Recovery

Bundy is the best training partner you’ll ever find in that he’s ALWAYS willing – rain, hail or shine. It doesn’t matter if I have insomnia at 4am and decide to go for a run (let’s face it, it’s too dark to skate then); he’s there with the same manic level of enthusiasm every single time.

We’re inseparable.  Pretty much, if I’m not at work, we’re together 24/7.  Given I’m a fitness junkie, I’m always looking for workouts that he can be included in too.  He runs with me (and kicks my butt at it) and I run him to boxing where he impatiently waits outside for me to finish so we can run home again.  Being reunited with skating has a double benefit as, for the most part, he can come too when we’re outdoors. 

When I skate he runs alongside or in front until he tires and lags behind.  He did make the 30km city to beach skate with us, and in spite of what many onlookers may think, he does NOT tow me along!  He’s relatively mindful of other skaters but at times is also good for agility practice as he randomly stops in front to sniff (or lift his leg on) something and has developed a particular passion for haphazardly darting in front of Erica!

Bundy Aiming for Erica!

Bundy’s Top 3 Loves

1. Skating!  (any exercise really – a walk or run will do)

Beach Skate

2. The B… A… Double L…

Having a ball!

3. The Pool

Skinny Dip

 Bundy’s Top 3 Dislikes

1. Push bikes
2. Ear drops
3. Being left out of the action.

Stay tuned, there’s bound to be more adventures of Bundy the Derby Dog!

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