Methods to the Madness: Our Jumping Companion

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You may have seen our adjustable jump featured in Michelle’s post “Falling on Your Butt, Inner Dialogue and Conquering Fear”, if you haven’t I highly recommend it for a great read.

Our grand plans in 10 goals in 10 months of jumping over one another led us to this thought: ‘Maybe we should construct something that can replicate all the different dimensions we aim to jump…. maybe something a little less…. well squishy’. This is where our adjustable pool noodle jump comes into it.

I can not claim 100% credit for this creation. I must admit for much of the process i sat and observed as my partner laboured over it, but he has kindly allowed me the share it with you all. It has 4 different height settings and will soon come with the added dimension of depth! It is also designed to fall apart upon impact as there are sure to be some collisions with it in the not too distant future as we tentatively increase the bar.

This is the height Em, Michelle and I have all mastered so far.

Level 2 jump

For those of you who may be interested, I have provided a pictorial guide to the making of our jump.

Two full size pool noodles that act as the jumping bars

Two pieces of PVC tubing with some noodle support

The supports have cut-out square holes with pegs that slot in.

This is the tapered peg that fits into the support post

The bottom of the support has a slot cut out that widens at the base so it fits over the PVC tube

So here we have the two ends of the jump with the supports secured in place

Assembled jump at maximum height

This here is an image of the jump fully assembled at maximum height. This is what we aspire to conquer. This new device can now follow us on our jumping journey, expanding with our progression. Once the maximum height is acheived, the second jumping post can be added on to the base, and jumping distance can be increased.

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