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I’m pretty much the opposite to Michelle when it comes to glitz and glamour. Tara and Lafayette from True Blood often go on about “Satan in a Sunday dress” and I think I subscribe more to their way of thinking than Michelle’s. Half my shoe collection was sourced from shops that have bins of shoes out the front. I do my grocery shopping online and have everything sorted by price per weight so I can quickly choose the cheapest of each item – I don’t see what the packaging looks like until the items are delivered.

So what were my first thoughts on this new league?

Well, like their website (if you just followed the link provided), they came across as a work in progress. But so is my derby journey. As Michelle pointed out, there was no hard sell. It was just a bunch of derby chicks talking in a not-always-linear manner about what we could expect from raw and fresh meat training. There was no talk of derby love and community; just where to buy a helmet and when to show up.

I’m not a fan of hard sells. I’ve been known to throw stuff at the tv when I think an ad is being manipulative. In fact, I no longer even own a tv aerial and watch all my tv shows via dvd box sets just to avoid having someone yelling at me that rugs are on sale for this weekend only. So, I was somewhat relieved at the down-to-earth way the league represented themselves. It was BS-free.

SeaFury (the latest addition to my idol list) gave the best example of their approach in her unique, laconic way, when she said to laughter and applause, “so, if you’re the kind of girl who likes to turn into a bit of a bitch – f*** off”

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