Roller Derby Training Trauma

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Last Thursday I was traumatised at training. It was week four of roller derby training as Raw Meat with Murder City Roller Girls. We had just finished two hours of training and were all covered in sweat, smelling like something other than sugar and spice. I thought we were about to go home but instead we were lined up and told to lie down on the floor on our tummies touching shoulders with the girl on either side of us. I lay down next to Erica and another girl I don’t know. Michelle was on the other side of Erica. The instructors told us we were going to do an exercise to get us accustomed to being in each other’s personal space. Then we started a “game” that involved the girl at the front of the row rolling over all of us before joining the end and waiting to be rolled over by the next 30 girls. I was really uncomfortable with the idea but couldn’t see any way out of it so I just tried to go to a happy place and pretend it wasn’t happening. It all got too much for Michelle and for a while she actually disappeared out of the activity and us remaining girls scrambled to fill in the gap. I had to giggle though at Erica’s understatement of the night when she quietly said, “I don’t think this is a good thing”.

It didn’t end up being as painful as I thought it was going to be. Most girls were quite considerate and Michelle (who reappeared as slyly as she had disappeared) even managed to yell out “Erica – you’re so small – I’m sorry!” on her way over. There was one overzealous chick who for some reason thought sticking her elbows and knees out at all angles would make the experience more fun. The worst part was actually being the roller. About a third of the way down I realised I was getting lower and lower and was soon going to be rolling my face over sweaty, post-work out bums! But the thought of that helped me steer my way back up to head heights.

I’ve left training feeling sweaty and stinky before but this was the first time I left feeling like I was covered in other people’s sweat and stink. Fingers crossed we never have to do that again!

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