Why I Love the Roller Derby Challenge!

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Sensation. I looooove the sensation of skating.  Those initial few strides followed by a blissful roll.  Seriously, it’s like the rest of the world and its stresses just slides further away with each rotation of the wheels.  Some people swallow little round things to de-stress or make them happy – I prefer to put little round things under my feet and roll, baby, roll!  It’s like a time machine where you are transported back to your exhilarating experience on your first pair of skates.

Challenge.  Pushing, pushing, pushing.  Harder, stronger, fitter, leaner – taking each skate to epic proportions in a bid to outdo the last.  Indoors, outdoors, hills, speed trials, knee slides, whips, jumps, blocks.  Striving to perfect each move then master the next.  Turning your biggest demon into an angel then finding the next one to vanquish.


Pack it up ladies!

Strategy.  Skating in a pack was very new to me and more than a little intimidating at first.  I require a LARGE amount of personal space in “normal life” so it was weird to be shoulder-to-shoulder with a bunch of chicks.  Add to that the risk of clipping wheels and falling face first into someone’s butt and tripping the whole pack!  BUT I love the strategy and thought that goes with pack skating – slipping through a gap to achieve front of pack, dragging your team-mate up into the pack to block the holes and stop that jammer infiltrating…  It’s a thinking gals sport!

Fitness.  I’m a fitness junkie.  As an ex-fitness instructor I love my running, boxing,weights, rock climbing.  Roller derby/skating adds a new element – mastering new moves, increasing endurance, cardio capacity, strength.  And the added bonus is I get to workout with my dog, Bundy.  You get the same endorphin rush you get after any workout but the “gift with purchase” is the rush of adrenalin coursing through your veins after conquering that steep descent with a blind corner or leaping that jump that has mercilessly tormented you (or your dog who decides to randomly stop right in front of you!).

Adrenaline Descent

Adrenalin Descent

Friendships.  I used to think I had enough brilliant friends but through roller derby and skating I’ve got even more!  Em, Erica and I have created our own mini community within the derby sector – skate sistas!  We challenge and push each other, we high five when we make it and encourage to have another go if we stuff it the first time – oh, and we have a ball doing it all!  Fellow skaters GET IT.  They GET YOU.  They understand the driving obsession and are quite willing to talk roller derby with you all day long – whether it’ skills, strategy, wheels, fashion, fitness or that awesome new trail you found.  It doesn’t matter what job title you hold, how much you earn, your age, what suburb you live in, what you wear, whether you’re fat, skinny, ugly or a super model – wanna skate?  Yes?  Well then, let’s go! 

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