Bringing you up to speed – Roller Derby 25 in 5

Posted on February 28, 2011 by


WhooooOOO!  Recent raw meat testing at clocked me at 25 laps in 5 minutes – my personal best on this floor AND it helped me achieve my white star!  This may not sound much but is a vast improvement for me and the assessor told me it is equivalent to 27 laps on a decent surface!  (The stadium floor we train on is a wooden floor that has about as much grip as a soap covered “slip n slide”!!).  And, to provide evidence to the assessor’s theory, I tested this on Saturday morning and nailed a sweet 27.5 laps – my all time, personal best ever!!

Get used to the view!

I’m stoked given I’ve been refining my cross-over technique and it finally seems to be working.  You better get used to that view because soon that’s all you’ll see cos you’re gonna be trying to catch me!!

Big thanks to all of you who commented and passed on your advice to my Skate Fast, Turn Left post (especially Emma & redsparklegirl) – it worked!!  And thanks to Em-shazzam for her coaching and encouragement and to both Erica and Em for putting up with my incessant whining along the way!

To pass the next star, which is equivalent to “fresh meat” and gains us league entry, we have to get 25 in 5.  It seems I’m more than on target for that.  Now just to achieve my goal of 30 in 5!

Here’s a summary of the tips and technique I’ve accumulated:

  • Get real low into more of a speed skater stance as much as possible.
  • Use the circle/diamond pattern.
  • Attempt to cross-over the entire way around the track.
  • Keep eyes focused on about half a track length in front you, look where you want to be.
  • Turn your upper body to face the centre of the circle.
  • Push with both legs as equally as possible.
  • When “overtaking” take the longer path if need be but push harder to gain speed.

You never know, my jammer fantasy may still happen!