Diary of a Derby Wannabe 2011 Adelaide Roller Derby Tipping Competition

Posted on March 2, 2011 by


Roller derby and money don’t generally go hand-in-hand – unless you’re talking about spending money. Most leagues in the world – certainly all leagues in Australia – are amateur. Not only do the players not get paid but they also contribute free labour in the form of committee work. It’s the players who maintain the websites, organise and sell merchandise, set up the stadium ready for bouts, check tickets at the door and sell raffle tickets at half time. They also stay behind after everyone’s left to dismantle the equipment and clean up.

But I’m here to tell you that you can make money from roller derby. How? By taking part in the Diary of a Derby Wannabe 2011 ADRD Tipping Competition. Just $AU5 and your hot tips could win earn you a tidy win.

This is how it will work. Each bout will be announced in a post on this blog. All you need to do is add a comment stating which team you’re giving the nod to win and what the point margin (difference in final points) will be.

If you get the winning team correct, you will earn 10 points. If you identify the point margin within 10 points (ie, up to 10 points above or below), you will score 10 points (this is regardless of whether or not you choose the correct team for the win). If you identify the point margin within 20 points, you will score 5 points. If you identify the point margin within 30 points, you score 2 points.

So, for each bout the maximum score you can obtain will be 20 points (you would need to choose the winning team and identify the difference between the scores within 10 points) and the minimum would be 0 points (if you selected the losing team and got the difference within scores incorrect by over 30 points).

A rank table will be publically displayed and updated after each bout. The double header grand final bouts will be included. At the end of the season the top ranked tipper will get 75% of the money paid to take part, the second ranked tipper will get 20% of the takings and the bottom ranked will get a 5% commiseration prize.

To take part you will need to deposit $AU5 into my Paypal account by 5pm 19 March 2011 (CDST Australian time). You will also need to comment on next Tuesday’s entry to nominate your tips (tips must be submitted by 5pm 19 March 2011 – comments will be turned off after this time). To join the tipping competition, simply comment below and I will email you with the Paypal account details. Alternatively, you can give the cash to any of the Diary of a Derby Wannabe girls by 5pm on 19 March.

If you fail to submit your tips on time, you will be assigned the team that ranked lowest at the end of the 2010 season and forfeit your opportunity to nominate a point margin.