Photo Friday

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Last Sunday the Diary girls set an orienteering record! We took part in the MTBO (Multi Terrain Bike Orienteering) Torrens Trail event. None of us really knew what to expect and I kind of thought it was going to be some kind of scavenger hunt. We could tell we differed from the usual entrants as soon as we rocked up – some of the usuals were quite hardcore with their fancy bikes and unforgiving lycra which left little to the imagination!  We, as usual, rocked up in our Sunday best with our cut off shorts, stripy socks, patterned tights and random t-shirts. As it turned out we were handed a map (which, along with the responsibility of reading it, was quickly palmed off to Erica) and a card and sent off to the sound of vigorous cheering and clapping from the organisers – Michelle was sure they didn’t expect to see us again!

It turns out orienteering involves finding locations on a map and then proving you’ve reached them by getting the little card punched with the coded punches set up at each point. Some early egoism saw us miss two points and have to backtrack a km or so. Once we realised there actually was a bit of challenge involved we really got into it. At about the 8km mark it got quite hilly; steeper than we’ve ever negotiated before. The uphills were tiring but it was the downhills that were terrifying.

We finished the 11km event in roughly two hours. Being the competitive little souls that we are we instantly asked if there was anyone else in our category. It turned out that not only were we the only skaters that day but we were the only skaters ever to enter. The Diary of a Derby Wannabe girls are therefore the record holders for the MTBO 11km Torrens Trail event. We were so thrilled. I think the organisers were thrilled too as they put our photo on their website.

Erica consults the map determined to find all the check points

Michelle takes it off road

Bunderby takes it all in

That's me, cruising backwards down the hill