Roller Derby Training Euphoria

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Last week’s training session was bloody awesome – I finished the session quite “euphoric” and couldn’t sleep for hours!

This was training session where we got to learn the “business end” of roller derby –hits and whips!  Kinda sounds more S&M than a sport eh?!

We arrived at training to be told not to put our skates on – I’d just received my new purple Fugitive wheels so was quite shattered I couldn’t wear them right there and then. 

The warm-up consisted of jogging then leaping sideways around the track in our socks so not cool but fortunately didn’t last long (FYI, this wasn’t the euphoric bit!).


We proceeded to learn how to hit and take a hit (shoulder/hip checking), and practiced this on solid ground (ie skateless).  To my pleasure I was able to extract some verbal pain signals from Em-shazzam (I tried not to let on but she was packing quite some impact too!).  Again this skateless exercise was brief and we soon got our wheels on and got blocking and rolling!

The evening flew!  We spend the whole time on the track – some brief instruction and demonstrations then straight into it, in pairs, on the track.  It was so much better than sitting through lots of instruction, demonstration and standing around, paired up, waiting our turns.

Sea Fury and Rogue also stuffed a lot more into the training session and taught it all at once as opposed to dragging out over a few weeks.  The idea of this being that we learn – then we practice, practice, practice before the test in 3 weeks!  *Like*

This training strategy was more streamlined that I’d experienced in the past, allowing us to maximise the use of the time by constantly moving and practicing the drills and techniques on the track with the other freshies around us.  This is important as it attempts to mimic the vibe of a game, in that you’re surrounded by others, and need to not only get your technique right but be aware of others in your space also.  A ‘practical’ way to learn theory.

We practiced hip checks, shoulder checks, inside whips, outside whips.  Practicing whips with others on the track was cool – as the whipper flung her partner off there was an obligation to really be watching what was going on around you so you didn’t accidentally use her as a weapon and take out fellow freshies!  The whippee had to focus on steering and agility to work her way through.

This is the reason I started roller derby – the game, contact, the strategy and the challenge.  I love skating in general but this totally rocked!  Lucky I went on that “second date” – the derby love is flowing and I’m finally getting an inkling as to what it might be like to play an actual game.  Ohhhh yeah.  BRING.  IT.  ON!!!

Having said all that, I have the advantage of being through this once before.  I wonder how the first time freshies felt – was there enough instruction and room to move?  Did anyone feel intimidated for their first time?  Vent away – give us a piece of your mind!

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