Clipsal 500 Outdoor Skate

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Our recent public holiday took us out of the stadiums and back into the great outdoors for another skate.  Its funny, the first five or so minutes of skates on still generates a feeling of mild retardation and the wonder of how you can get so damn “unco” on skates over night!  After a brief period we accustomed to the varying surfaces and undulating terrain and got it going on.

Our outing took us through the city where we discovered we had to make detours from our normal route due to the track construction for the Clipsal 500.  This took us off-road in places and over mega-crappy surfaces.  However the highlight was the blissful feeling of freedom when we got to roll down the middle of a closed main road, only stopping to give way to a real live road train!  (Check out our recent Photo Friday for more pics!). 

Hackney Road was all ours!

Another high spot of the morning was being spoken about in awed tones by burly construction workers “hey man, look – derby girls!” as we three, plus Bundy, slickly glided past them hard at work.

But the climax would have to be meeting the random, apparently unwashed, WOMad festival goers!  This cheery bunch greeted us from their car where they’d obviously spent the night and one even followed us down the street on his skateboard begging us to return for a photo – and of course we obliged!

Despite their apparent lack of hygiene I really liked them all and loved that they thought WE were cool!  Bundy liked them too (probably because they smelled as funky as they looked!)

This outing made me stop and consider the advances in our skill level from even 3-4 months ago when first venturing out on our epic skate journeys.  The idea of even a slight gradient (like the Christmas Pageant road) was at first terrifying and the smallest little gum nut or tactile ramp would have us quaking in our skates!

We’ve developed our skills to take this in our stride now (pardon the pun!!) and none of us have even lost a shoe lace to a bitumen slide for some weeks now!  In fact, if there is no terror involved we get kind of bored and social indoor rink skates, whereby you simply roll in circles, no longer holds the full appeal they once did!

So it appears that we’re morphing from tentative derby wannabes to “derby girls” – now just to complete the transformation and get into the league and become ’bout ready’ for RollerCon 2011!

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