Bout 1 Review: Mile Die Club vs Road Train Rollers

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Well it was an action packed first bout of the 2011 season!

The bout started with Mile Die Club (MDC) taking the lead and maintaining it for the entire game which was a bit of a surprise.  The first half saw them out in front by as much as 40 points at one stage.

Dodgy Manoeuvres, Raw Dog and Push My Toosh were the jamming force for MDC, often achieving lead jammer status and racking up the points.  In addition, MDC’s defense and communication were awesome and they were able to build impenetrable walls to block Road Train Rollers (RTR) from scoring.

Tricksey Belt'em tries to breach MDC's impenetrable wall

 Half time scores saw MDC with 65 and RTR lagging with 46.

The second half saw RTR gain a little more focus and they were able to close the gap to a mere 10 points but couldn’t quite take the lead.  Barrelhouse Bessy of the Wild Hearses, who spent the first two seasons with MDC, got the crowd clapping and chanting to “Let’s go Mile Die, Let’s Go” in a bid to keep MDC motivated.

This worked as, within minutes, MDC expanded their lead to nearly 20 points.

Kit Cat Krunch provided significant potency for the RTR, particularly as a jammer.  She’s not the smallest of players so uses her sheer force combined with amazing agility to maneuver through the pack.  At one point she gave a “double bird” to her opposition as she breached their solid defense to gain lead jammer status– a Kit Cat classic! 

In general though, it wasn’t RTR’s tightest game.  They seemed to be lacking communication and cohesiveness.  This was evidenced by their jammer, Whimsicle Mimsicle, being often left to fight her way through the pack with little team assistance – resulting in her becoming well acquainted with the floor.

The bout ending became a nail biter and I found myself on the edge of my seat.  With 2:40 mins remaining there was 4 points difference with MDC still in the lead.  Someone in RTR must been wearing their lucky knickers though as, during last 30 seconds of the final jam, Kit Cat Krunch pulled out a 5 point grand slam to win the game for RTR by 1 point!!

Road Train Rollers 96 pts   vs   Mile Die Club 95 pts

Kit Cat Krunch Grand Slams!

Stack of the Day goes to RTR’s blocker, Letta Loose, who collided spectacularly with MDC’s Death by Disco as captured by photographer, Matt Carty.  It wasn’t so much the collision that had the crowd gasping but the landing.  Letta broke her fall with her shoulder and the side of her face.  Ooooowch.  However, she got up, kept moving and was even seen again in a later jam (after the application of an ice pack).

Letta Loose vs Death by Disco

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