Bout 2 Review: Wild Hearses vs Salty Dolls

Posted on March 28, 2011 by


On Saturday, the Wild Hearses lined up against the Salty Dolls. I predicted the Wild Hearses would smash the Salties, mainly due to the latter’s heavy load of fresh meat. The first jam saw the Wild Hearses’ Barrelhouse Bessy put four points up on the scoreboard, and I sat back smiling, waiting for the slaughter to begin. The Salties came out fighting though. Halfway through the first period a strategic play by the Hearses backfired and Bessy was sent to the penalty box. She then sat there and watched Coconut Rough, Captain of the Salties, score a triple grand slam – that’s 15 points. With five minutes left in the first half, the Salties’ D’Juana Fight Me came out and also scored a triple grand slam.

D’Juana Fight Me was a decent blocker last year. She has lost a lot of weight over the summer and obviously gained speed. She played jammer repeatedly over the game and never seemed to tire. Her training last year staying on her feet as a blocker was evident – she is truly an up and coming force to be reckoned with.

Watching the first half I was blown away by newbie Blue Wrenegade. Her derby stance is just beautiful. And she’s bloody fast. She got a lot of play as jammer and was quicker off the mark than some of the old school players. Her only weakness was an inability to read the pack and determine a quick way through it. This is something that will come with experience. Blue Wrenegade is definitely a player to watch.

The first half ended with the Salty Dolls dominating the Hearses 73 to 35.

The second half of the game opened with Barrelhouse Bessy again scoring the first points – this time a grand slam. The Hearses followed this up with two more grand slams in the next two jams. The second half of the game was much more strategic, especially from the Hearses. But the pressure got to them and, with eleven minutes to go, the Hearses had four of their five on-track players in the penalty box.

While there was some great teamwork and assists coming from the Salties, especially from Kissy Suzuki and Melvin Star, the Wild Hearses seemed to lack cohesiveness (at the after party, one of the Hearses informed us that most of the team had been sick all week; one player was vomiting right up until the game). The final jam saw D’Juana Fight Me against the Hearses’ Pixie Pincher. The difference in the attitudes of the two teams was evident in that D’Juana – despite not needing any more points – kept powering through right until the last whistle, while Pixie visibly gave up.

The final score: Salty Dolls 96 – Wild Hearses 83.

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