Mile Die Club vs Wild Hearses

Posted on April 4, 2011 by


Em has been temporarily relieved of bout preview duties due to her inability to tip anything other than a 50 point margin.  Oh and the fact that she is currently the 2nd to last on the tipping ladder!

So, it’s my turn to give you a real insight into the next bout – Mile Die Club vs Wild Hearses.  I’ve done my research so here goes!

The Wild Hearses won 3 out of 3 games in 2010 and were also the runners up in the final.  However, this year’s Bout 2 saw them take a dive to last year’s underdogs, the Salty Dolls (96/83).

The Mile Die Club were opposite in 2010, losing all bouts.  In spite of this Bout 1 this year saw them quite evenly matched with the Road Train Rollers – only losing by a mere point in the final jam!

It’s a tough one to call as this year is panning out to be a little unexpected.  I’m not going to tip the “favourite” this time, my tip is that Mile Die Club will take the Wild Hearses but it will be close – I say 12 points difference. 

Keep your eyes on jammers Raw Dog, Push my Toosh and blocker Bone Shaker for Mile Die Club while the Wild Hearses has jammer Barrelhouse Bessy and blocker Lashez to keep your eyes busy.

Place your tips below ASAP and head to Oztix to secure yourself a place at Bout 3!