Bout 3 Review: Wild Hearses vs Mile Die Club

Posted on April 11, 2011 by


Wild Hearses faced off against Mile Die Club for round three of the ADRD season.

The pre-game theatrics were brilliant. The Mile Die Club did a cute flight lounge act while the Wild Hearses wowed the crowd with their zombie-esque resurrection.

The game was tight. At half time, Wild Hearses led the low scoring game 37 to 27. They maintained the lead and at final whistle the score was Wild Hearses 78, Mile Dies 69.

As you can tell from the score, the game had some great defensive work going on. Gateway Girl (MDC) in particular gave some great blocks. Another Mile Die, Hell Grazer, gave some questionable blocks. At one point she slammed into Hot X Guns clearly after the jam had ended and was lucky to get away without a penalty. In another incident, she gave a big hit into Pixie Pincher’s back, sending Pixie to the floor. She was sent straight to the penalty box but her gloating showed that she thought the timeout was worth stealing the jam from the Hearses.

Standout blockers for the Hearses included The Little Murdermaid and my perennial derby crush, Barrelhouse Bessy. I was somewhat disappointed not to see a good “stack attack” from Marshall Stacks.

It wasn’t just the game tactics that kept the crowd entertained. The various wardrobe malfunctions had us cracking up. Poor Push My Toosh really suffered. Twice she fell over trying to readjust her dodgy wheels while skating on one leg. Another time she took a spill onto her front, recovered and took the lead. She then looked down and realised her top had come undone by a few buttons. Hot Cross Buns had some bra issues and twice Bootlegger Lily’s toe stop slipped off and rolled away. The second time she didn’t realise and tried to push off from her toe stop after a fall. I have to admit I had a bit of a giggle at the sight of it.

A team we don’t often acknowledge is Team Zebra – the referees. I spend so much time during a bout saying things like “what on earth just happened?” and  “does that arm movement mean something or is he just doing a dance?” I have a lot of respect for the amount of concentration and expertise those guys and girls have. Their value in keeping the game flowing smoothly was thrown into sharp focus yesterday when the eight of the ten skaters thought a jam was over and left the track. Two blockers stayed on and for a minute afterwards there was frantic yelling and gesturing going on all over the place. It showed what chaos could occur when the refs slip up.

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