Monday Funday: Roller Derby Crossword Competition!

Posted on April 18, 2011 by


If you’re anything like me, Monday’s suck.  They are worse if your weekend was particularly good.  Blah!

Anyway, I thought I’d eliminate your Monday-itis with a bit of fun and a competition to test your roller derby knowledge and reading comprehension skills!

The deal is that you click the link, complete the crossword and then email it back to me.  The first person to return a completed, correct crossword will win a prize!

Most of the answers can be found by general googling, visiting this site and of course re-reading our blog!

Email Us 

Now, it’s your turn to eliminate our Monday-itis by commenting on just how darn wonderful the derby wannabes are (I’m the queen of shameless self-promotion) and what else you’d like us to provide for you via this blog!

Enjoy your Manic Monday!

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