Photo Friday: Roller Derby Whips

Posted on April 22, 2011 by


A roller derby whip is a manouvre whereby a derby player transfers her speed to a team mate. This can be done various ways, usually using your arms or letting them grab your hips. One of our favourites uses your leg. Whips can be done forwards and backwards.

Michelle gives Erica an outside arm whip

Em gives Erica a backwards whip

Erica gives Em a leg whip

Learning some spiffy whips was one of our 10 goals in 10 months. There’s a video of our efforts on that page for your viewing pleasure – I recommend watching until the end for the blooper. For video instruction on how to give a whip, check out Bonnie D’Stroir‘s YouTubes on how to do a backwards whip or on how to give a leg whip.

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