Salty Dolls vs Road Train Rollers

Posted on April 27, 2011 by


Last time the Road Train Rollers stepped up to the plate they lagged behind Mile Die Club for the entire game, winning by just one point in the final jam. See the bout review here.

The Salty Dolls, on the other hand came out swinging in their last bout (against the Wild Hearses), dominated for the entire game and took home a 13 point victory. See the bout review here.

Having said that, last year the Roadies won the grand final and the Salties came last. It could simply be the case that the Roadies have taken a while to warm up this season and the Salties fluked that first game. 

In any case, my 50 point margin tips are a thing of the past. This one’s going to be close! 

My money’s on the Salty Dolls to win by 15 points.

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