Photo Friday: Bonnie D’Stroir

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Last week I posted a tongue-in-cheek song about stalking Bonnie D’Stroir. I discussed actually going through with it with the other wannabes Michelle and Erica but I didn’t really mean it. It all seemed a bit impossible and out of my league (both figuratively as I’m just a lowly fresh meat and literally as it was ADRD she was here to train).

My first kick in the arse came from the lovely redsparklegirl. Redsparklegirl has followed this blog since the very beginning and I was stoked when she won the Funday Monday competition recently (enjoy your little snail mail prize red J). Spurred on by reds’ encouragement I messaged a Facebook contact in ADRD and asked to come and watch the training session.

The day of Bonnie’s training, I hadn’d heard back about watching the session and wanted to chicken out. I told Michelle and Erica so. They immediately started guruing me, quoting our current idol Tim Ferris:

“What’s the worst possible outcome? What’s the best possible outcome?”

“Do one thing everyday that makes you uncomfortable”

“Acknowledge the fear and then move on!”

Buoyed by their encouragement (but still shitting myself) we set off to find Bonnie.

We arrived on their lunch break. Reception from the ADRD girls was mixed. Some of them came over cheerfully to have a catch up and invite us in. Some of them blanked us. Two took offence to our presence and had us kicked out of the venue. So we loitered out the front. Erica and I, intimidated by being ejected, stayed to ourselves a little away from everyone and chatted just to the girls who approached us. Michelle, being the ballsiest chick I know, walked straight up to a big group of ADRD girls and started making more friends.

Then Isabelle Ringer came by. We pounced and Michelle asked her if we could meet Bonnie. She disappeared and moments later Bonnie appeared.

Bonnie D’Stroir was just lovely. She seemed almost nervous of us. She spent a good five minutes chatting with us about derby. I was somewhat bummed to find out she won’t be coaching at RollerCon this year. Then she had a photo with each of us.

I skipped all the way back to the car gushing about her!

Michelle and Bonnie D'Stroir

Erica and Bonnie D'Stroir

Me with Bonnie

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