6 weeks to a 6 pack!

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mmm, 6 pack

In preparation for RollerCon 2011 and the Las Vegas/LA summer the wannabes decided we needed to get into better condition. We want to remain competitive so we set ourselves a new challenge – to create a “6 pack” in 6 weeks.  And no, we have not turned our hand to home brewing!  I’m referring to the stomach variety and to becoming lean, mean, derby machines!

Em has developed an ab exercise schedule that we will do together as a group but we are each going about the other facets of this challenge in a different way.

For example, I’ve decided that I will not only exercise with the usual skating and the additional group ab workouts like Em and Erica but will also increase my running.  In addition I want to incorporate a healthy eating plan which I discovered in James Duigan’s book “Clean and Lean Diet”.  The premise of this plan is to eliminate sugar – I’m sure this will be harder than quitting smoking!

Erica’s point of difference is that she is a life-time vegetarian so her food choice is different to mine and Em’s.  Her challenge will be to increase her protein intake without the use of animal products as she continues to follow a vegan diet.

Em, who refuses to diet in the traditional sense, will be incorporating two and half cups of raw veggies into her daily food intake in lieu of dieting. She will not be giving up cupcakes, macaroons and other delights she “master chefs” in her kitchen – sigh… she could bring me undone with a single muffin!

In order to keep ourselves honest and accountable we are privately documenting our efforts, starting with photos and stats of our baseline – our position NOW.  In 6 weeks we will provide an update so you can be the judge of whether our efforts have been successful!

Feel free to offer words of encouragement, support and commiseration! If you’d like to join in with any of our abtastic work outs, drop us a comment below and we’ll email you with the details of where, when and how we’ll be working out.

August 2011 update: still trying to obtain the elusive six pack

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