A Mother’s View on Roller Derby

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This post is one with a difference! As a tribute to all mums on Mothers’ Day we have one of our mums who volunteered as a “guest author” to give you another perspective on roller derby.  You, our dedicated readers, have obviously figured out our views on the sport, culture and lifestyle that is roller derby so here’s a mother’s take on it!

We’ve also taken the opportunity to provide you with another competition – “Guess the Derby Girl” this mum belongs to!  Perhaps you need a hint?  Visit our about page to get some clues or simply read back over previous posts.

All correct entries will be placed into a hat and the first drawn is the lucky winner!  The competition closes next Sunday, 15th May 2011.

Over the years, we have lived with one craze after another, always in conjunction with a constant passion for animals ….. kittens, ducks, birds, mice, a rabbit and of course, always a dog!!  This passion has NEVER waned.

A love of animals from a young age

In the pre-teen years, there was Barbie dolls, drawing, craft … we tried tennis, netball, swimming.

As a teenager of course it was boys, clothes, boys, partying, boys, clothes, cars, boys, partying … sport had become a very dirty word!!

In the later teens/early 20’s a certain indication of individuality (and rebellion) became evident with the purchase of a motor bike … and of course, during all these phases there has been ongoing fixation with clothes and especially shoes.

One of her rebellious periods!

Then came the obsession with fitness and I have to say that this passion has been on-going and all consuming for a lot of years. 

Having given birth to a baby girl, a mother usually imagines how she can ‘dress up’ her little girl … hair ribbons, pretty dresses, fairy costumes etc.  Then thoughts go to what this precious little girl might become … a princess, a ballerina, a model, a film star, a ‘true lady’.  Never in her wildest imagination would she EVER consider that her daughter might become …..  a ‘DerbyGirl’!!!!

All dressed up!

So innocent, sigh...

Her Ballerina career was short lived!

No modelling but she did get a brief stint as a "grid girl"!

However, as the mother of one particular Derby Girl I can only hope that she stays safe, fit and well and continues to get the most enjoyment she can from her chosen obsession of the moment. 

I am in total awe of the determination and dedication she shows and take pride in her achievements, and even though I may be a little afraid of the upcoming ‘bouts’ and the safety aspects, I stand behind her all the way and wish her and her ‘Derby Wannabe’ friends every success for as long as the mania lasts.

So – which derby girl gives this mother grief!  Enter your answer below!

Happy Mothers’ Day to all you mum’s out there, we’d love to hear your thoughts on Roller Derby too!  Whether you’re a player, ref, spectator or have a daughter who plays – talk to us!

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