Bout 4 Review: Salty Dolls vs Road Train Rollers

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The Salty Dolls’ Juanna Fight Me opened the bout with a spectacular double grand slam against Kit Cat Crunch, who failed to secure any opening points for the Road Train Rollers. Nine minutes into the first half the Roadies had made up the gap, though, and the score sat at 10 all.

At half time the Salties Dolls held a tenuous six point lead with 45 to the Roadies’ 39.

The blocking was a sight to behold. Letta Loose (RTR) demonstrated some trademark hard hits throughout the game. Melvin Star (SD) also delivered some great blocking. At one point she grabbed Blue Wrenegade who was jamming and smashed a path pulling her through behind. She topped it off by sending Blue Wrenegade off with an outside arm whip. Busty La Roux (RTR) also delivered some fancy blocking. At one stage it looked like she was about to take a hip whip from Kit Cat Crunch (a surprising move considering she was not jammer) but instead she used the leverage to block a Salty.

Trademark Hit

The game was fast paced and aggressive. As a result the crowd was treated to some impressive falls. Nine minutes into the second half, Bride of Skatan (RTR) skidded out and into a guy in the suicide row. She made time to apologise before launching herself back into the game. The crowd fed off the frenetic energy of the players and it was possibly the most vocal game of the season so far.

Just one of the impressive stacks!

The penalty box was barely empty all game. Regular commentator, Candy, wasn’t present and her handy speculation on penalties was missed. Blue Wrenegrade wracked up enough trips to the penalty box that she was officially fouled out in the second half. Not to be outdone, the Roadies followed suit and Violent Krumble was also fouled out.

With the last quarter to go the game was neck and neck with the Roadies just one point behind the Salty Dolls. The Salties then started to build up a solid lead. With one minute to go, Kit Cat Crunch bagged a double grand slam bringing the scores to 83 for the Roadies to the Salties’ 94.

The final jam saw Road Train Roller jammer Whimsical Mimsical sent to the penalty box leaving the Salties’ Radical Edward free to pick up a grand slam and take the final score to 83 vs 99 in the Salties’ favour.

Salties Victory Lap

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