Wild Hearses vs Road Train Rollers

Posted on May 16, 2011 by


Well it’s the 5th bout of the 2011 Adelaide Roller Derby season, the second to last game before the Grand Final!

Re-live the 2010 grand final with the showdown between last year’s finalists – the Road Train Rollers and Wild Hearses!  The Roadies managed to beat the Hearses – check out Tricksey Belt’em’s review here.

So what will happen this Sunday?  Well so far this season both the Roadies and the Hearses have won against Mile Die Club and lost to the Salty Dolls.  Basically, whichever team wins this game will be battling the Salty Dolls in the grand final while the losing team will be battling Mile Die Club for third place.

The Hearses will be hungry to prove themselves after just missing out at last year’s grand final but the Roadies will be just as keen to defend their title.  I think the Roadies are going to take it over the Hearses again (I may be a little biased) by 15 points.

Get bout 5’s tips on by commenting below and we’ll see you at the game!

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