Extreme Wannabe or Roller Derby Nerd?

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I’m one of those people that when I take something on (whether it be study, a project, a hobby, a “fun” run or whatever) I do it 110%.  I don’t believe in “half baked”, “slap-dash” or, the worst of them all, “near enough is good enough”.

I try to be relaxed and “cool” about my ventures but it is just not me.  I don’t know if that is purely because I’m a Virgo, or if it is genetics (thanks Dad!) or if it is simply another symptom of my OCD (which includes the intense mental discomfort caused by pegging clothes on a line, or treating the trolley conveyor belt like a game of tetris whereby all products need to be lined up appropriately).

So here’s my latest thing that I’m totally nuts about – my roller derby badge collection!!  And, me being me, was not happy with simply accumulating the pretty little shiny badges – oh no, I have to take it to the extreme and declare that I am going to get in the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest roller derby badge collection!  Yes, I’m a derby nerd.

And guess what?  As far as I can tell I’m winning!!  Here’s my collection so far:

My impressive badge collection!

Now before you pass judgment on my diminutive collection – I actually only started collecting on Friday, 6th of May so I think I’m doing ok so far!

Anyway, I’d love your help.

First, if there are any roller girls or roller derby leagues who read this blog, would you be so kind as to help my collection grow by donating a roller derby related badge?  I’d be happy to send you a stamped, self addressed envelope to save you the cost of postage.  Pretty please?  Help feed my nerdy obsession??

Just comment “yes” below and I’ll contact you privately to arrange!  Pretty, pretty, chocolate-coated please?!  I’d offer to trade badges with you but, well, you’ve seen the collection – that probably just wouldn’t work at this stage!

I want to be in possession of the largest, most diverse roller derby badge collection in the whole wide world!!  Oooh and I really want a badge like this!

Second, does anyone actually know the world record for the largest badge collection in the world??!

Mind you, I don’t believe that I’m the oddest of the three of us wannabes when it comes to collecting things…  Watch this space!

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