Photo Friday: We Are the Stanleys

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We are the Stanleys:

Mum – Emma (Derby Girl)

Dad – Martin (Trying to keep up and doing well)

Harry – 6 (A need for speed)

Louisa – Soon to be 4 (It’s all about the look!)

Our family stepped into skating around nine months ago now. It’s purpose was to create quality family time, and that it did. Harry and I started skating classes together as a bit of one-on-one time. It was a blast! We continued our classes for around eight weeks. I soon grew out of it and Harry developed a “need for speed”.

Skating has consumed our lives. Well mine anyway. Last year I tried out for ADRD, just like the wannabe girls. I missed out “by this much” (ever heard that before?). Anyway, this year I became a derby girl with MCRG. Woo hoo!

These photos are our biannual family pics, courtesy of Amy Campbell Photography. It shows who we are as a family at this time in our life.

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