Bout 5 Review: Road Train Rollers vs Wild Hearses

Posted on May 23, 2011 by


Commentator Miss Informed was back for bout five of the Adelaide Roller Derby League 2011 season. Her laid back humour went down well as she suggested that derby girls who fell into the suicide section were given a hug (the usual suggestion of giving the girls a beer wasn’t feasible as the liquor licence was restricted for this bout).

The game itself was not so laid back. The Road Train Rollers’ Kit Cat Krunch took the first two points of the game against the Wild Hearses’ Fury of Fenrir. The blocking was particularly interesting to watch. Pixie Pincher nearly prevented Kit Cat’s first score by cleverly slowing down and almost pushing her out the track. While that was going on, Fury almost made it through before being hit to the ground by Letta Loose.

In the third jam, Barrelhouse Bessy got left behind wearing the star. She yelled at her team to speed the pack up and stayed behind to block Whimsical Mimsical. A comedic exchange followed with Whimsical, stuck behind Bessy, stretching and mock yawning. In the last 14 seconds of the jam, though, she slipped past to score.

In another jammer-does-some-blocking instance, Killakaze decided to take Pixie Pincher out before the first turn. She went in for the block, which backfired, and sent herself to the ground.

Just before half time, Fury of Fenrir took a beating. She went down coming round a corner, couldn’t get her arm out in time and her shoulder took the impact. She recovered got up and kept going. Then she fell hard again. Still, she recovered, got up and kept going long enough to gain lead jammer status. Then she called the jam off and limped off the track (she was back in the second half looking fighting fit).

At half time the score was RTR 34 to WH 44.

The most entertaining plays of the day came from the Roadies’ Tricksey Belt’em. The best example involved Barrelhouse Bessy (who else?). As jammers, they took off on the whistle, Bessy lined Tricksey up for a hit to eliminate her straight away. Tricksey anticipated the move, however, and dodged it, took off and scored a grand slam. Coming around for more points she was hit hard out of the track. She took the time to give her most avid fan a grin and a wave before skating back in and nonchalantly calling the jam off.

About this time Miss Informed announced that the score was 45 for the Roadies and 54 for the Hearses “or, if I was dyslexic, I’d say it was even”

Near the end of the bout, the air became much more tense. The joking stopped and jammers lined up grim-faced against each other. The audience was not left without amusement though. Most noticable was the outburst from Kit Cat Krunch. Sent to the penalty box, she skidded into the chair and promptly stamped her feet up and down screaming. She sat there and fumed while Pixie Pincher collected a double grand slam before skating back in, collecting lead status and calling it off. She then skated off the track still stamping her skates and screaming vehemently.

She must have been happy with the final score, though, as the low scoring game ended 77 vs 68 in the Road Train Rollers’ favour.