Photo Friday: On Skate Fashion Parade!

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The derby wannabes are at it again – we pretty much will do anything to skate!  This time it was an on-skate fashion parade to support our fellow skater Megan (aka Veganator) and Animals Australia in their worthy cause to ban jumps horse racing in South Australia.

Sadly we had to wear our non-fashionable helmets (for safety reasons) but it was still pretty awesome to pretend to be a super-model (rather unsuccessfully in my case) on wheels!  I happily swapped catwalk turns for tidy little tomahawk stops and didn’t fall over once!

Erica and I had a ball and got to know some of our fellow roller girls a little better. Unfortunately Em-shazzam had another committment and couldn’t join us but Allyoup (our Hearts Photographer) came along to capture the night on her trusty iphone (her fancy camera had a mini conniption and went on strike)!

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If you like to know more about Animals Australia’s campaign, please visit their website.  You could even help raise the profile of this issue (and hopefully get it banned) by visiting this site which will assist you to post something on your facebook page.

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