Bout 6 Review: Salty Dolls vs Mile Die Club

Posted on June 6, 2011 by


The six highlights of bout six:

1.  Burger Theory










2. Salty Dolls pulling out the creepy blank doll masks for their skate on. (Mile Die Club followed by skating on with little sailor barbies and then ripping them apart and throwing them into the crowd – hilarious). Isn’t it about time Team Zebra put on a show?

3. The best stack of the game was when five of the ten girls on the track went down and managed to collect Grumpire on the way.

4. Miss Informed’s description of D’Juana Fightme’s skating style: “she’s doing the flat hand ninja skate”

5. Watching jammers Pistola Balboa and Sneaker Streaker trip over each other at corner two half way through the second half.

This is before they hit corner two!

6. The score with 10 minutes left in the game (79 to 49 in the Dolls’ favour – if this had been maintained my tips would’ve been spot on. Too bad for me that the final score was 87 to 69! See how you went on the tipping competition)

Michelle's friend Bel won the raffle and took on Blue Wrenegade in an arm wrestle