Photo Friday: Lemon Drop

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This Photo Friday focusses on one of the inspiring women of roller derby. Lemon Drop plays for the San Diego Derby Dolls.

Lemon Drop

 Lemon Drop stars in some of the YouTube ‘how to’ videos that have inspired us Derby Wannabes.

She once played a bout with a broken wrist! Only one of the four ligaments are left in her left knee and she has a rotator cuff tear in her shoulder.

Lemon Drop describes her team position as “speed hump”. Her derby number is 80%.

My favourite Lemon Drop quote:

Some days when I get up and everything hurts and I’m having trouble keeping up with the girls half my age, I question myself. Captaining the new girls has been my salvation this year. Average life span of a derby girl is only one and a half years, and I’ve already beat that. Like Coach Pauly says – roller derby is crack with no rehab

Lemon Drop’s favourite quote: “You’ve got your passion, You’ve got your pride, don’t you know that only fools are satisfied” –Billy Joel

Lemon Drop has a t-shirt printing site. The logo is a cute interpretation of her name. Check it out here.

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