RollerCon 2011 Derby Wedding

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There’s a tradition in roller derby of having a derby wife (or wives). Each year, one of the RollerCon events is a derby wedding. If you want to know more about the history of the derby wedding, or what a derby wife is, check out the RollerCon wedding page. There’s also an adorable video of a derby proposal on there too.

Just like in the regular wedding world, a little economy has sprung up, ready to cash in on the materialisation of romance/friendship. You can buy derby engagement rings for your finger or engagement rings that attach to skates.

You might think that it’s a cute idea. I certainly did. Up until I had that uncomfortable conversation that usually only men experience. Michelle wrote to me one day saying “Hey – re the derby wedding. Are you going as a potential participant or spectator? Lol!”

Immediately my blood pressure rose. I could empathise with men across the ages faced with a girlfriend jokingly suggesting they get married. I didn’t know how to respond so simply wrote “lol”. If I could’ve, I would’ve written “nlol” for nervous laugh out loud. I hoped I had defused the situation. But a minute later another message popped up “So you’re not going to propose to me??? Baaaaaahahahahaha!”

Then, this week, Michelle suggested we go to dinner soon with our parents “so that my parents can meet the person I’m going overseas with”.

All I heard was “I want my parents to meet my future derby wife.”

Dear Diary, how do I tell my derby girlfriend I’m not ready to take the next step?

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