Monday Funday: Roller Derby Find-A-Word Competiton

Posted on June 27, 2011 by


Arggghhhh!  Manic Monday again!  However, this is another Monday Funday so you’re in luck!

This time it’s a roller derby ‘find-a-word puzzle competition’ for your amusement and the chance to win two free tickets to our Roller Disco on Sunday, 21st August 2011!

(As you’ll recall from our 10 Goals in 10 Months page, one of our goals was to deliver a Roller Disco and we keep our promises!!  Want to know more?  Visit here!)

Here’s what you do to enter:

  1. Click here to find the puzzle.
  2. Complete the puzzle.
  3. Email Us the completed puzzle (including your name and postal address).

All correct entries will be put a the barrel and a winner will be blindly selected.

Don’t be put off if you’re international either, our last Monday Funday winner was the lovely Redsparklegirl all the way from Canada!  (We’ll have a separate prize available in case you don’t wish to splurge on airfare to visit the “land down under” to attend the Roller Disco!)

Entries close on Friday, 1st July 2011