Derby Wannabes do Roller Disco!

Posted on June 29, 2011 by


I have a confession…  I love DISCO!!!  Seriously, since I was a little kid I’ve always been fascinated by disco balls, the flashing lights, sparkles, the music, the fashion, and we can’t forget the dance moves.

I will shamelessly admit one of my all time favourite movies is Saturday Night Fever and I have the Bee Gees collection on my ipod. 

Some of you who have been through raw and fresh meat with me know of my weird need to sing “Night Fever” (over and over and over) when I’m nervous before testing.  Now you know why!  And I still have a crush on the young John Travolta. 

Hubba hubba!

Damn straight!!!
One of our 10 goals in 10 months was to organise a roller disco and we keep our word so here it is and you’re ALL invited – hell, EXPECTED, to join us and get your groove on!
What’s even better is that we’ve given you a chance to win tickets on our previous post – visit here!
Now don’t panic – I’m fully aware that 1970’s disco music is not everyone’s cup of tea so there will be a mix of music from across the decades!
And, if you’re one of those avid roller supporters who live vicariously through this blog – get in there and give roller skating a try – beginner skaters are welcome (there’s a safety rail!) and there is free skate hire so NO excuses!  Join us!
Visit my facebook event to RSVP, hurry too as there are early bird prices and numbers are limited!