SkateSafe at RollerCon 2011

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As I recently found out as the door bitch handing out drink tokens at an event, there’s no better way to make friends among strangers than to hand out free stuff.

With that in mind, I recently signed up with SkateSafe to hand out free condoms at RollerCon.

SkateSafe is an intervention designed to ensure that RollerCon attendees have a great – and safe – time boozing, sexin’ and enjoying off-track time. It came into being in response to three reported assaults on skaters in Las Vegas during last year’s RollerCon.

Even if you’re not heading to RollerCon, check out the pictures of pregnant men on the safe sex page!

If you are attending RollerCon, SkateSafe need more volunteers. If you would like a good ice breaker, become a SkateSafe rep and try opening with, ‘hi, ribbed or flavoured?’ . To join SkateSafe visit their site here

The SkateSafe website contains a wealth of information. For example, taxi fares from the airport add $1.80 and you need to check in advance whether they accept credit cards. For more tips, check out their site.

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