Roller Derby Grand Final – Road Train Rollers vs Salty Dolls

Posted on July 13, 2011 by


As Em stated in her previous post, this weekend is THE grand final!  Hopefully, you’ve entered your tips for the game that will decide which team gets third place.  If not, do it NOW click here!  Do it!  Go on, I’ll wait…

You’re back!!  Right – down to business.

The battle to determine 2011’s Roller Derby Championship team will be fought out by the Road Train Rollers and the Salty Dolls.  The last meeting of these teams saw an end score of 83-99 in the Salties favour.

I’ve heard no gossip, had no insider information so your guess as to who will be the winner is as good as mine.

Can the experienced Roadies back it up and win two grand finals in a row?  Or will the Salties with their contingent of freshmeat this year demonstrate their consistent team cohesiveness to steal the crown?

I’m going to back the Roadies – last year’s champions – to steal the coveted prize again.  I think it will be close though as the Salties have shown good form all season and a true desire to play hard and win.  It will just come down to who wants it more.

My tip is Roadies by 5 points.

Enter your tips below in the comments section.  This is your last chance!!!  Winners will be announced next week!

Good luck and we’ll see you in the suicide row!