Photo Friday: RollerCon Founders

Posted on July 22, 2011 by


Ivanna S Pankin

Ivanna S Pankin and Trish the Dish are the creators of RollerCon.

Ivanna’s DNN profile picture

That’s not their only claim to fame though. Check out Ivanna’s impessive profile on the Derby News Network site:

  • Was a key organizer and original board member of the WFTDA, serving at one time or another as a member of every single committee in the organization
  • Created and moderated the roller_girls yahoo group, an instrumental forum for information sharing and networking in the early derby community
  • Was instrumental in authoring version 1.0 and later versions of the WFTDA ruleset, as well as banked track evolutions of the same baseline
  • Established the first skate shop tailored specifically to the needs of derby skaters, Sin City Skates
  • Advocated aggressively with equipment manufacturers for products designed specifically for the unique needs of derby skaters

Ivanna S Pankin

Trish has her own talents too – like doing the worm in skates!

Trish the Dish jumps Ivanna

If you ever wondered what equipment legends of derby use, you can check out their gear profiles here.