Top 6 Things I Learnt at RollerCon 2011

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1. Casinos in Vegas contain so much more than just pokies – lions, huge fountains, shows, shark aquariums, epic indoor skyscapes

A shark swims overhead at the Mandalay Bay Hotel shark aquarium

The lion enclosure at MGM - the humans stay in there all day too

2. Roller derby doesn’t necessarily go consistently anti-clockwise. At the higher levels, players are constantly reassessing and bolting back clockwise around the track to re-position themselves strategically (as long as they don’t engage with an opposing player while heading back around the track then this is legal). This little snippet here has a slow mo replay:

3. I have far to go to become a competent derby player. Being surrounded by the best derby players in the world and watching them do challenge bouts was both inspiring and a massive wake up call.

4. Adelaide roller derby has far to go. As impressive as the games are  back home in Adelaide, the level of sophistication in the sport simply isn’t at the level that they’ve reached in the US when it comes to strategy. Below is another awesome video by Bitches Bruze. Many of these strategies were used at challenge bouts at RollerCon.

5. The best time to sign up for classes at RollerCon is the first class of the day. Many people don’t show up because they’re hungover from the night before so the classes are smaller. (Classes during social events at night are also great).

6. Wear your mouthguard out at night…

Em cops a camera in the face and gains a (pretty pathetic) bruise inside her lip

…and your knee pads if you want to visit the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Michelle takes an illegally low hit from a suitcase in the middle of the night and goes for a spill

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