I’d Like a Well-defined Rectus Abdominis Please

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Remember the six week six pack challenge? It was well over six weeks ago. Did you ever wonder what came of it? Let me illuminate you. I started out all gung ho. At the end of the first week I used Michelle’s fancy scales to gauge my progress. I had lost 200 grams. More importantly, I had maintained muscle mass at 41% and dropped fat from 19.8% to 19.7%. Buoyed by this, I threw myself into the second week. The end of the second week arrived and I weighed in. This time I had lost 600 grams. Again my muscle mass didn’t budge from 41% and my fat reduced a further .4% to 19.3%.

Getting a six pack was going to be surprisingly easy, I decided. I had read articles that said a woman’s six pack will show up at 15-18% fat. I was almost there! I imagined I could see the striations already.

So I celebrated with beer and second helpings. For four weeks.

Not me

Then came Plan B. Plan B was an emergency oh-my-god-I’m-going-to-summer plan hatched in the few weeks before RollerCon. It involved running. I don’t ever run (why run when you can roll?) so this was pretty momentous for me. The day I devised the exercise plan I went for a run. I almost put it off until the next day but decided to show myself I was serious by starting that very day – that very second in fact. As soon as I finished writing up the plan I put the pen down, grabbed my running shoes and off I went. It was surprisingly easy. I just cranked Metallica and took off; my fitness level surprised me. I felt pretty good about myself when I got home.

So I celebrated. For the rest of the lead up to RollerCon.

Time for Plan C. I’m thinking a personal trainer. I just work better when I pay someone to tell me ‘just 5 more’. I also work better doing these things with other people. I won’t get off my butt for me but I’ll make it there if I know friends are waiting. So who’s up for it? Would anyone like to meet up for, say, eight Sundays in a row and have a personal trainer work on our six packs?

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