Sunshine, sticks and roller skates

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A recent sunny Sunday was my first outdoor skate since returning from LA. In fact, it was my first skate (other than the roller disco) since returning and it was like magic.  Bundy, Erica and I headed out for an early Sunday morning skate along the river (Em is still gallavanting across the United States!).  Crisp cool air with early morning sunshine jamming its way through the gum leaves – a perfect spring day.

Erica was keen to try out her new toe stops which were effective, in that she stopped.  It looked a little something like this:

Effective New Toe Stops!

Bundy was just keen to move, as dogs are, and loved being outdoors with his skater girls.  I was dubious about taking him as we sometimes wear him out on our epic skates and we hadn’t been since last summer.  I needn’t have worried, my skate fitness has suffered severely over winter so he kept up no worries.  Much to my disgust we even got overtaken by joggers at one point!!

Ultimately I was just happy to roll.  Once again saturated in the feeling that roller skating provides.  It is the only natural thing that has that ability to make me feel ageless, timeless and utterly free.

If you need a visual to understand this feeling just watch Bundy (or any dog) run free and observe the ear-to-ear grin punctuated by the stick in his mouth.  Tail up, legs pumping and tongue flapping free in the breeze as he bounds through the grass.

Happiness is a dog with a stick!

It’s one of those truly privileged moments.  Privileged to be breathing, living, moving.  As my good friend Allyoup often reminds me, “it’s the small things that count”.

Here’s a visual for you…  (Ok, so it’s just an excuse to play with my new macbook pro and iMovie!!  Enjoy!)

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