Photo Friday: A Nice Night for a Roll

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The recent weather improvement inspired Erica, Bundy and I to venture out yet again.  This time for a skate along my local running trail that has recently been concreted.  Given our achievement of our goal of “using skates as transport” we thought we’d skate to the start of the track rather than driving – it’s not far, I usually run it anyway.

However, when I run I don’t really have to consider factors like gradient and footpath integrity.  These factors made for a rather adventurous skate just to get to the track.

It was slow going and by the time we got to our destination the twilight had faded to black – the unlit track was as “black as a dogs guts” and my muscles were squealing with the effort of braking on undulating, crappy footpaths!  Did this deter us?  No.  While it seems our sanity had fled screaming from the black obscurity, we did not – another night skate was in order!!  As I said, this track one of my favourite local running trails and is not scary at all by day, in fact it’s quite picturesque!

By night, on wheels, is a different story!  Fortunately I’d upgraded my headlamp which provided some visibility, but not much.

Bundy’s eyes are brighter than our headlights!

Those tiny innocent little gum nuts are not threatening by day either…

Innocent little gum nuts!

but, when invisibly clumped in the inky darkness, become more like treacherous road spikes!!

The gum nuts FELT like this in the dark!

Bundy seemed unperturbed by it all and was exuberantly bounding about like it was broad daylight.  Funny, he randomly walks into cupboard doors at home but miraculously can navigate a dark track and still find sticks to chase!


He loves chasing sticks like I love rolling but gets a tad over-ambitious at times with his stick selection.  In his mind, a 1.5m stick is totally doable!

Overly Ambitious!

Needless to say we survived this epic mission and managed to startle a few walkers along the way when we suddenly appeared, like stealthy rolling vampires, from the shadows.  They were most impressed with our backwards, down hill ninja skating in the evening murkiness though.

Our adventure ended in me leading our little trio home via a “shortcut” which resulted in a 1.4km non-stop uphill skate that burned our legs and butt with the red hot intensity of 1000 burning suns!

The shortcut…

It may not have been epic in distance but it was epic in adventure, complexity and pain level – but, hey it was perfect weather for an evening roll!

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