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If you’ve read our previous blogs you’ll notice we like to challenge ourselves to improve our fitness and our abs – not always successfully!

This time it’s different, I’m making myself totally accountable to you!

Each year I like to give a little back by undertaking some form of charity fundraiser.  It started in 2009 when I joined a friend’s fundraiser by face-painting for free to raise funds for the Leukemia Foundation.  In 2010 I ran 7km in the Mother’s Day Classic to raise awareness for breast cancer.

This year I am joining Ocsober and avoiding alcohol for the month of October to raise funds for Life Education Australia.

I’m doing this with my good friend Ally and together we hope to raise a bazillion dollars towards this worthy cause!

Michelle & Ally - Chicks of Anarchy - Team Ocsober

Life Education is a charity providing positive, preventative drug and health education programs which motivate, encourage and empower young people to make smart life choices for a healthy future, free from the harms associated with drug misuse.

Through their Mobile Learning Centres their programs reach over 620,000 Australian primary and high school students each year.

Ally and I are taking the challenge one step further and am aiming to quit smoking at the same time.  To prove my dedication I’ve already commenced by having no alcohol or cigarettes since Sunday, 18th September.  I aim to continue the non-smoking trend to infinity and beyond!

It’s a win-win.  A worthy charity receives much needed support and I get fitter, healthier and have more Sunday mornings to enjoy a hangover-free roller skate!  Essentially trading one 6-pack for another!

So, you have two choices.  Either join our team “Chicks of Anarchy” for a sobering October or sponsor us to do it for you!

It’s super easy, just click here!  I need your help – please show your support however you can!

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