Roller Derby: the sport where it’s ok to push your friends

Posted on October 11, 2011 by


On Friday night I shoved my teammate and she thanked me for it.

Have you ever wondered if you can learn just by watching? Ever since seeing the skill of derby in America I’ve hoped that I could. Last Friday, during a scrimmage (derby practice game), an opposing jammer was coming up the outside. My teammate, Daisy Wallbanger, was between me and the enemy. Without thinking I reached out and shoved Banger right into the jammer. It was effective and sent the jammer off the track. Thanks to her skating ability, Banger managed to stay on her feet too. I’ve never done this move before or practiced it but I saw it explained at RollerCon. I guess you really can learn some things just from seeing them. I wonder if that means I can now jump the apex!

What about you? What skill would you like to be able to acquire just from watching it done by someone else?

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